Manufacturer of e-bikes equipped with a patent-pending frame of aircraft-grade aluminum

  • Avial e-Bike is built like an Aeroplane

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  • e-Bikes with Rear motor and Mid Drive 250W

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  • The patented frame about 3.5 kg is made of aircraft-grade aluminium

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  • The patented frame of aviation alloy produces without welding

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Frame of aircraft-grade aluminum

The patented frame weighing about 3.5 kg is made of durable aircraft-grade aluminium alloys without welding.

Any type of electric drive 250W

The carcass of the Avial Bikes frame allows installing both type of drive: the rear wheel drive or the mid drive with power 250W.

5 levels of pedal assist drive

An on-board computer with a display that support 5 power levels of the electric drive allows you to quickly set up and monitor all the main parameters of the movement.

Motors with peak torque up to 100Nm

The frames are designed to use drives with peak torque up to 100 Nm. Start pedalling and feel the electric momentum instantly kick in.

Bikes are designed for a load of 120 kg

The frames of Avial e-Bikes are available in various sizes and are designed for bicyclist weights up to 120 kg.

Urban and off-road using

A sturdy frame and front fork with the travel 100 mm provide a multi-purpose e-bike: on weekdays - high-speed urban, on weekends - an energetic off-road bike.

Smooth ride with Gearsensor

The Gearsensor – is sensor in the transmission makes it possible to shift gears smoothly, ensuring comfortable movement in a wide range of speeds up to 25 km / h.

Go up to 50 (60) km on a single charge

A removable high-capacity battery 36V in a sealed case with a USB charging connector is designed for a trip of up to 50 km on a single charge.

We grant two years of warranty

Avial e-Bikes are designed and manufactured in Finland. Our service center supports two years of warranty within the EU.



The Avial Bikes development team consists of enthusiasts who are engaged in tuning bicycles, as well as developing their own prototypes. We are pleased to test our own innovations and, along with this, we try to be always up to date with modern technologies and new products in the field of electric drives, batteries and other components of electric bicycles.

Nowadays, when most bicycle frames are made in Southeast Asia, we decided to move away from uniformity and develop our own. The original frame of our design is easy to manufacture and is based on proven aviation technology that does not use welding. Therefore, we can manufacture our bikes in Europe. We have already received the first patent for the frame of an electric bike, and the second is now in the process of registration.

As can be seen from the multimedia materials presented on our website, the first prototype of Avial e-bike with rear hub-motor has successfully overcome more than 700 km. The second prototype of the mid drive electric bike travelled over 800 km in a variety of conditions and its tests continue. In the nearest future, right after the CAD simulation, we plan to make pre-production samples, and present them at the EUROBIKE Show.