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Most of the fuselages of modern aircraft, as at the beginning of the last century, are assembled with the help of rivets. The reason for this is well known: aluminium alloys that are used in the manufacture of aircraft, have great strength, however, they are difficult or almost impossible to weld. Riveted joints are a technologically simple solution for joining difficult-to-weld metals, especially in structures subject to vibration and shock loads.

The patent-pending Avial Bike frames are assembled in the same way as most aeroplanes – from sets of aluminium alloy profiles that are joined with the use of special rivets. This method of frame construction provides a number of advantages, the main of which is the possibility of producing a supporting structure in various types and in a wide range of geometrical dimensions.

At the hardtail frame of Avial e-bike a motor bracket can be formed, where any model of a modern mid-drive motor, chosen from the catalogue of most manufacturers, could be easily installed. The same fastening principle allows mounting the bottom bracket and the pedal assembly in the same place, so you can additionally install the rear-wheel drive.

The frame of Avial Bikes is made not from round tubes, but from rectangular profiles. The construction of square profiles is much easier to assemble than from round pipes. Although a square tube with the same parameters weighs a little more, however, in most cases it is stronger than a round one. As our experience has shown, a flat surface is also always more convenient for the installation of various equipment, including the front or rear trunk, case or basket, lamp, holder, etc.