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Avial Mid Drive e-Bike

1690 €

(excl. VAT & Shipping)

A multi-purpose electric bike with a mid-drive motor 250W power and peak torque of 80 Nm is an excellent choice not only for everyday urban use, but also for countryside trips. Motor settings and torque provide excellent dynamics and efficient movement on mountainous terrain.

Avial Rear Motor e-Bike

1390 €

(excl. VAT & Shipping)

An inexpensive urban electric bicycle with rear hub-motor 250W and a peak torque of 50 Nm, which proved to be a convenient and economical vehicle when traveling on city streets on weekdays, as well as cycling in parks and country trips on weekends.

Avial Rear Drive Frame

279 €

(excl. VAT & Shipping)

If you have a desire to assemble a bicycle yourself using the components you have chosen, then a bicycle frame with a weight of about 3.5 kg is suitable for you, which is intended for installation of a hub-motor with a peak torque of up to 50 Nm. This frame can be completed with all available components.

Avial Bikes mission is to offer green, affordable, and exciting e-Bikes to everyone around the world!

When developing the Avial Bikes frame, we decided to go back from welding and use the technology of aircraft fuselages manufacturing. As a result, the patent-pending frame of our e-bike is assembled with profiles made of aircraft-grade aluminium alloys that are joined with rivets. This production is not environmentally destructive and also provides entirely diversified frames manufacturing of different sizes, in fact, considering the specific body organization for each customer.

Apart riveting is used in the aircraft, ship and boat construction, and now is in bicycle manufacturing. This simple technological solution for joining difficult-to-weld aviation aluminium alloys provides high bond reliability. At the same time, the units obtained in this way, successfully react upon the emerging vibration and impulse loads.

Currently, Avial Bikes designers are completing the development and testing for two pre-production electric bikes with mid motor and rear wheel drive.